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warm Date: Aug 29th @ 9:21am EDT
free time Date: Aug 29th @ 9:20am EDT
hairstyle Date: Aug 29th @ 9:17am EDT
night in my new apartment Date: Aug 17th @ 8:09am EDT
yesterday i moved to my new flat. i ll live there with my friend but now she is on vacation in other city. so i asked my ex roommate to sleep with me. in the evening we watched movie and drink some coctails. *time to sleep* we went to the shower then laying on the bad. in the oom was dark , my friend almost sleep.. and i heard some noise in the bathroom i opened my eyes and saw : the light in the bathroom was ON! i was so scared... i woke up my friiend and told about that her, she was scared more then me. we a long time can't go and chek bathroom...
now everything is ok) we are alive:)
with love, your Kimmi:*
my vacation Date: Aug 9th @ 7:59am EDT
hello to everyone) finelly i'm back from my vacation! i spend a great week with my friends by the beach)
days were hot like me when i'm online lol) i have many things to tell you about my rest) i bought new cloth and neckless) and i have a tan!)) i missed u guys(( did you follow me on twit?? Kimmiko_F4F
with lole your Kimmi;*
my vacation Date: Jul 28th @ 2:06am EDT
next week i won't be online((
i will be on vacation!;) I plan to go to the sea, spend time with my family and friends. i need some relax and finally i got it! i bought sexy swimsuit for my vacation, it is blue and softly) i will sunbath and swim, drink coctails and maybe i ll go to the club)
and i ll miss you guys)
don't forget about me) my next online 7-8 augest)
with love, your Kimmi:*
my shape Date: Jul 24th @ 6:26am EDT
Fastfood, chocolate, cakes, ice-cream, pizza r my fav food:) but i wanna have a great and athletic shape, o one month ago i started visit gym. I have personal trainer in gym. My trainer is a guy) he is strong and cute, we frend with him)
He forbids me eat what i like (chocolate, fry meat)but i wanna see abs on my tummy so i should'n eat it)
after my broadcasr i ll go to the gym)
so i already love this day)
with love your Kimmi:*
my twitter Date: Jul 21st @ 3:17am EDT
hello everyone) yesterday i woke up and tought that i wanna chatting more) so i created my twitter :)
guys will meet me friendly cuz i'm new here)
this is my twit Kimmiko_F4F
follow me guys:*
i will post about my person life, i will post photo and interesting facts about me))
your Kimmi with love;*
my new blog Date: Jul 20th @ 9:31am EDT
hey guys) Starting from this day, I will write a blog;)
u can follow me and read and send me comments about it) that's will be fun and interesting to us)
here i ll write about my life, interesting things bout myself, funny situations)
today i'm online so tomorrow when i ll come here againe i ll make new interesting post) kisses guys ur Kimmi
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